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Eastern region ccsc east

25th Annual Eastern Conference 2009
October 30 and 31, 2009   Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania
Treats and Some Tricks in Computer Science Education



Important Dates

  • September 19, 2009: Last chance for the Early Bird Registration fee
  • October 10, 2009: Last chance for late/on-site registration

About CCSC

The Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges is a non-profit organization focused on promoting quality computer-oriented curricula as well as effective use of computing in smaller institutions of higher learning, which are typically non-research in orientation. It supports activities, which assist faculty in making appropriate judgments concerning computing resources and educational applications of computer technology.

The Consortium is concerned with the advancement of major programs in both Computer Science and Computer Information Systems, and with the use of computers in the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

CCSC currently sponsors ten regional conferences in eight regions: Northeastern, Eastern, Southeastern, Midwestern, Rocky Mountain, Northwestern, South Central, and Central Plains. CCSC publishes the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, which is included in the ACM Digital Library.

Typically the faculty members who attend these conferences are from primarily undergraduate institutions whose main focus is undergraduate teaching. Attendance has varied based on regions and years, and ranges from 60 to 265 attendees each conference. This year we are also planning sessions for K-12 teachers and administrators, who are interested in exploring the use of technology in their schools. In addition, we are endeavoring to attract college students, many of whom will be the teachers of tomorrow.

Types of products

This is the first time the CCSC Eastern Regional Conference will be held at Villanova. We expect to see excellent attendance from the many higher academic institutions in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, as well as from the K-12 community, with whom the lines of communication are already strong.

We invite both national and local vendors to lease display table(s) at the conference to display and demonstrate their products. Textbooks, software, and hardware are among the types of products that have been exhibited in the past.

Vendors may also sponsor a Conference event (refreshment break, luncheon, etc.) or participant gift (e.g. tote bag), speaker, or student prizes (Programming Competition, Poster).

Advantages to Exhibitors

Some advantages to exhibitors include:

National Partners

Over the years, for a vendor registration fee several vendors, including book vendors and software vendors, have attended and displayed at these regional conferences. As a result of vendor interest in CCSC conferences, CCSC now offers a national vendor registration at the base rate of $2000/year. Currently Addison-Wesley Computing, Cengage Learning, Epic Systems Corporation, Microsoft Corporation. Pearson Education, RidgeSoft, Turing's Craft, and John Wiley and Sons are participating in this program. (See http://ccsc.org/home/partners.htm")


National PartnerNo registration fee
Regular ExhibitorRegistration $150
ExtrasExtra table: $150 Extra Friday Banquet Ticket: $55/ticket
Extra Saturday Lunch Ticket: $15/ticket

Contact Information

For more information about attending the conference as a vendor, contact: Frank Klassner (frank.klassner@villanova.edu)

For more information about the CCSC Eastern Conference 2009, contact: Don Goelman (don.goelman@villanova.edu)

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