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Eastern region ccsc east

25th Annual Eastern Conference 2009
October 30 and 31, 2009   Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania
Treats and Some Tricks in Computer Science Education

Nifty Ideas & Lightning Talks

What is a Nifty Idea?

A Nifty Idea is a teaching strategy, tool or assignment that conference attendees may find useful and incorporate into their courses. Instructors are invited to submit an abstract of not more than 300 words describing a nifty idea. All topics will be considered and those abstracts accepted will be incorporated into a panel.

Nifty Idea proposals undergo review, although not a blind review. Proposals are evaluated for relevance, anticipated interest, quality, and the availability of appropriate facilities. Accepted proposals will be presented in a single session and will be listed in the Conference Program, but will not be included in the Proceedings.

What is a Lightning Talk?

Lightning Talks are short (maximum 5 minutes) presentations about something that you found helpful in the classroom. It may also include a topic, technology, or technique that did not work effectively and why that was true or suggestions for improvement. These short talks will be presented in a single session with a time-keeper to allow all the presenters to share their ideas as well as to have a few minutes for questions. They allow attendees to explore many new ideas in a short period of time.

Lightning Talk session proposal review is not blind. The criteria used in reviewing the proposals will include the likely level of interest of the topic. Accepted proposals will be listed in the program, but will not be included in the Proceedings.

What should be submitted in a proposal?

Nifty Ideas and Lightning Talk proposals consist of a descriptive abstract of about 300 words. The proposal is used for the review process. The abstract is the description that appears in the conference proceedings.

The proposal is limited to one (1) page with the format outlined below.

How to Submit a Proposal

Nifty Idea and Ligntning Talk proposals should be submitted by email.

  1. Write your proposal document using the format specified above.
  2. Convert the proposal document into Adobe PDF format
  3. Submit the PDF document by email to Leigh Ann Sudol, lsudol@andrew.cmu.edu
  4. You will receive an e-mail message confirmation

Contact Information

Contact: Leigh Ann Sudol, Carnegie Mellon University

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