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Eastern region ccsc east

25th Annual Eastern Conference 2009
October 30 and 31, 2009   Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania
Treats and Some Tricks in Computer Science Education

Get Involved!

Interested in... Chairing a session?...Judging posters...Just helping out?

Get in touch with one of the conference co-chairs:

Don Goelman

John Lewis

The CCSC Eastern Conference 2009 is designed to promote the exchange of information among 2-year and 4-year college personnel, as well as pre-college teachers, concerned with computer use and education in the academic environment. It provides an affordable regional forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning computing and computing curricula.

We welcome scholarly papers, presentations, workshops, and panels on the content, structure, delivery, support, and societal context of all areas of computing education. We also invite submissions on innovative computing topics and applications of interest to participants.

This year we especially welcome submissions addressing Treats and Some Tricks in Computer Science Education,as well as submissions for special sessions for K-12 teachers.

There will be pre-, in-, and post-conference workshops, guest speakers, several tutorials, panels, lightning talks, and many sessions for papers.

Two exciting activities are planned for students, a poster session and an undergraduate programming competition, both awarding prizes.

Important Deadlines and Contacts

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