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Eastern region ccsc east

25th Annual Eastern Conference 2009
October 30 and 31, 2009   Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania
Treats and Some Tricks in Computer Science Education

Conference Committee

Don Goelman, Villanova University
John Lewis, Virginia Tech
Vijay Gehlot, Villanova University
Local Arrangements
Tom Way, Villanova University
Paula Matuszek, Matuszek Consulting and Villanova University
Pete DePasquale, The College of New Jersey
Amruth Kumar, Ramapo College
Panels, Workshops, and Tutorials
Joe Chase, Radford University
Ian Barland, Radford University
Nifty Ideas & Lightning Talks
Leigh Ann Sudol, Carnegie Mellon University
Student & Faculty Posters
Dave Hovemeyer, York College of Pennsylvania
Undergraduate Programming Contest
Thomas Cortina, Carnegie Mellon University
Najib Nadi, Villanova University
Sara Miner More, McDaniel College
Frank Klassner, Villanova University
Web Site
Daniel Joyce, Villanova University
Victoria Suwardiman, Villanova University
JD Dougherty, Haverford College
2010 Conference Co-Chairs
Jerry Kruse, Juniata College
John Wright, Juniata College
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